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November 10, 2018

Made by AI first in the world to sell necklaces designed by artificial intelligence

Made by AI – an AI company from Sweden – has in the fall of 2018 released the world's first collection of AI designed necklaces.

The company builds AI models that use deep learning and generative models to create designs for objects. The AI models are trained on inputs of necklaces and pendants and as outputs it generates never seen before examples of objects it has been trained on.

The team has been working with different kind of generative models for the past year. While the design is generated by AI, humans are indeed still in the process of manufacturing the necklaces. Their collection of AI designed necklaces are for purchase on their ecommerce platform.

The idea behind the choice of necklaces was to take an item that had been part of human history for a long time and at the same time not limited by shapes that had to fit - because of the uncertainty of the output. “We were not sure of what the results would be and wanted to have no restrictions of space - like fitting on a finger. A necklace that freely hangs on someone's chest seemed therefore to be a good starting point”, tells Carlos Egusquiza, co-founder at Made by AI.

The company has an interesting product development ahead using AI as a main component. “A lot of the AI is applied in digital apps and we wanted to look beyond that. We thought it would be very interesting to have AI impacting physical everyday objects, we wanted to go somewhere no one else has been”, says Savas Caliskan.

Furthermore he says, “More or less every industry will be affected by AI, this includes the fields of design and arts in one way or another, and what we see now with creative AI is only the beginning”.

Made by AI will, in the future, provide a platform for customers to buy unique and personalised necklaces and the AI collection is a step towards achieving that goal.

The mission is to explore how AI can be used to make humans more creative. Removing any design hurdles for the user and create new ways for people to express themselves.

Made by AI AB
phone number: +46735755537
Founders: Savas Caliskan and Carlos Egusquiza


You can download a zip file with our logo and some product images by clicking here

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