Frequently Asked Questions

Made by AI

What does Made by AI do

Made by AI uses artificial intelligence to generate design. Our Original series is the world's first necklaces designed by AI.

What is so special about Made by AI

They are the first necklaces for which artificial intelligence has generated the design. The aim is to explore human collaboration with machines in new creative ways

What exactly does Made by AI

We take care of generating 3D objects with our AI Design Engine - AIDEEN - that you can buy from our shop


How long will it take to receive my order

The following are expected delivery time.

Nordic 3-4 business days
Europe 4-8 business days
North America 6-8 business days
Asia 7-8 business days

Please be aware that this is only estimates

What countries do you ship to

We currently ship to all of the countries available in the selection of countries in the menu


What currencies can I pay in

We charge in US dollar but accept payments in other currencies that Stripe converts to. We also display for your convenience in different currencies

What payment services do you offer

We use Stripe for payments and we currently accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards


Is there a chain included with the necklace

The chain is included. With silver pendant follows a sterling silver chain and with a gold pendant a gold covered silver chain is included.


Tell me more about the certificate I will receive

For each purchase you will receive a certificate of ownership of an AI generated necklace. You will own a piece of AI history

Where can I track my order

You will receive an e-mail with tracking information when you made an order

Where can I find the relevant documents

You can find our return policy, terms of use and privacy policy by clicking here

Care instructions

How do I maintain a purchased necklace

You will receive care instructions along with the necklace.

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