We have through human history found profound ways of exploring our imagination, creativity and design abilities.

Aideen is the artificial intelligence design engine we have built and continue to build on for the purpose of discovering new designs.

For us it obvious that Aideen is the next step in the journey of self expression and personalization. It’s a new way of creating design, just like computers and printing press were once. Aideen is the beginning of creative tools that makes us become truly personalized.

With the assistance of Aideen we’re opening up new ways of creating with our minds and hands. What AI is and is not we leave to you to decide. For us it's a collaboration between you and Aideen to create new and unique design.

Our interpretation is that Aideen understands that each person is unique; and wants to help people express themselves by helping them design something that is unique and personalized. A way of putting humans in the driving seat and give us abilities that makes us excel. If your music playlist is personalized, if your online shopping experience is personalized, then why shouldn’t your jewelry that you wear everyday be personalized.

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